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from HIDEAKI (2017.10.14)


I have uploaded "Hard to rescue" at 0 o'clock on October 18 (Wednesday).


「Hard to rescue」(THE WEDNESDAY) from YouTube Channel 「THE WEDNESDAY

2017.10.18 (Wed) Uploaded!!

from HIDEAKI (2017.9.13)


I have uploaded "Spring light" at 0 o'clock on September 13 (Wednesday).


Spring light」(THE WEDNESDAY) from YouTube Channel 「THE WEDNESDAY

2017.9.13 (Wed) Uploaded!!

from HIDEAKI (2017.8.22)





from HIDEAKI (2017.8.11)


【NEW】LyricHard to rescue




from HIDEAKI (2017.8.8)

 I have established "No Release Style (NRS)".

In the SoundCloud, I will deliver 50% of full time.

Please enjoy full time on YouTube.

Please wait a little more.




from HIDEAKI (2017.8.1)


【NEW】Lyric「Spring light」


【Update】Diary of HIDEAKI




from HIDEAKI (2016.12.31)


For those who grew up in a privileged environment, beautiful songs would obediently come into their mind.

On the contrary,there are many people who can not enter into their mind like me.

I would like to write songs that resonate to such people.

I will give you the sound anyone has never heard.


I want to stimulate desire for approval.

I want to make every desire obvious.

There is no need to keep silent.

There is no need to conceal it unnecessarily.

I want to press feelings.


Listen, so listen.

Love, anger, and loneliness shout!


Instead of CD, sound source download only.

I do not expect from Japanese people. Because I made sounds to the world.


I ignore 100 million Japanese people who are prone to flush.

I approach the remaining 6.9 billion people.


Only release on Wednesday.

Only live on Wednesday.

Not do anything on the other day, 



↓↓↓↓↓ Diary of HIDEAKI (memorandum)